domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

Lou Barlow — Lou Barlow & His Sentridoh

If security gives way / Is there something I could do or say to bring you back / And when you're numb from working / Will you still open up to me / And talk to me / I love talking to you

All day I think of things to tell you / And I'd do anything to make you smile / It's not of because I know you / Please don't leave

Could we rise above distraction / Or do we live a tragic life / With never enough to go around / And I don't offer much protection / I'm neither strong or tall / But I love you

The storm won't wash that away / Love is forever in an instant / And I don't want to live without it again / I find it easy just to speak my mind / Dare I say / It's gonna be alright

See how easy I surrender / With no fear of being broken again / I'm healed when I hold your hand / I understand.

#5, Forever Instant.