terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011

Acid Under My Nails

Oh, como gostava de ler "The Toilet Diaries" quando era mais miúdo! Pena que tenha desaparecido sem deixar rasto. Hm, onde estará o putobebe daqui a, digamos, dez anos?

I think I always liked the idea of being crazy. Instead of going hard core I took the road never traveled, just took off into the bushes. This has turned into a path which could lead me to an early grave if I continue to think thoughts that destroy me.

I love life. I love me, but sometimes I don't want to.

Get tough they tell me. Tough are my fingers from acid under my nails. Tough are my hands from lifting weights twice a day. Tough is my head from banging it against this journal. Tough! I feel weak, must lie down, forget I exist for awhile.....

Sarah Lolley, 4/2/96