domingo, 19 de junho de 2011

In the Electronic Revolution I advance the theory that a virus IS a very small unit of word and image. I have suggested now such units can be biologically activated to act as communicable virus strains. Let us start with three tape recorders in The Garden of Eden. Tape recorder 1 is Adam. Tape recorder 2 is Eve. Tape recorder 3 is God, who deteriorated after Hiroshima into the Ugly American. Or to return to our primevil scene: Tape recorder 1 is the male ape in a helpless sexual frenzy as the virus strangles him. Tape recorder 2 is a cooing female ape who straddles him. Tape recorder 3 is DEATH.

Steinplatz postulates that the virus of biologic mutation, which he calls Virus B-23, is contained in the word. Unloosing this virus from the word could be more deadly than loosing the power of the atom. Because all hate, all pain, all fear, all lust is contained in the word. Perhaps we have here in these three tape recorders the virus of biologic mutation which once gave us the word and has hidden behind the word ever since. And perhaps three tape recorders and some good biochemists can unloose this force. Now look at these three tape recorders and think in terms of the virus particle. Recorder 1 is the perspective host for an influenza virus. Tape recorder number 2 is the means by which the virus gains access to the host, in the case of a flu virus by disolving a hole in cells of the host's respiratory tract. Number 2, having gained access to the cell. leads in number 3. Number 3 is the effect produced in the host by the virus: coughing, fever, inflamation. NUMBER 3 IS OBJECTIVE REALITY PRODUCED BY THE VIRUS IN THE HOST. Viruses make themselves real. It's a way viruses have. We now have three tape recorders. So we will make a simple word virus. Let us suppose that our target is a rival politician. On tape recorder 1 we will record speeches and conversation carefully editing in stammers mispronouncing, inept phrases ... the worst number 1 can assemble. Now on tape recorder 2 we will make a love tape by bugging his bed room. We can potentiate this tape by splicing it in with a sexual object that is inadmissible or inaccessible or both, say the senator's teen age daughter. On tape recorder 3 we will record hateful disapproving voices and splice the three recordings together at very short intervals and play them back to the senator and his constituents. This cutting and playback can be very complex, involving speech scramblers and batteries of tape recorders but THE BASIC PRINCIPAL IS SIMPLY SPLICING SEX TAPE AND DISAPPROVAL TAPES IN TOGETHER. Once the association lines are established they are activated every time the senator's speech centres are activated, which is all the time. Heaven help that sorry bastard if anything happened to his big mouth. So his teen age daughter crawls all over him while Texas rangers and decent church going women rise from tape recorder 3 screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN FRONT OF DECENT PEOPLE."

W.S. Burroughs, The Electronic Revolution, 1970