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— All I want to know is what happened to her. — I understand, Mr.Hofman. I've put myself in your shoes. In fact, I believe that you don't want to punish me. But I'm not so certain I should. Understand? I believe you, but I must pretend that I don't. So, drink. It's truly the only way. — What's in it? — I've already told you: a sleeping pill dissolved in coffee. — The car keys. I'd love to look at them one more time. — Mr. Hofman, understand once and for all: what use are these keys to you? You're powerless. — You're bluffing! — Assume you're right. Can you be absolutely sure? — That's where your problem lies. You must keep in mind the possibility that there's no proof against me. That could spoil all your chances. Mr.Hofman, I've been analyzing what goes in your head for the last 3 years. You can leave. Even go to the police with the keys. But then, you'll never know what happened to Miss Saskia. On the other hand, drink... and you'll know. In less than 1 hour, I guarantee you.