quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2016

The Doors

Gravado em Agosto de 1966 e lançado no fim do mesmo ano, foi o primeiro álbum da banda que tem o mesmo nome.

A terceira faixa, The Crystal Ship,

Oh tell me where your freedom lies / The streets are fields that never die / Deliver me from reasons why / You'd rather cry, I'd rather fly

aparenta ser mais uma de várias (candidatas a?) canções de despedida de mestre Jim à primeira gaja com quem andou, passe a expressão, a sério:

The darkness she says she had seen from the start was overtaking him, and she didn't want to watch him explore his self-destructive bent. She felt he had swallowed her identity. Whatever he liked, she liked. "I had to go out and see what parts of that were me. I just knew I had to be away from him. I needed to be by myself, to find my own identity." She enrolled in art school. The day Jim helped her move to a new apartment, she told him she needed a break. "He clammed up after that. I really hurt him. It hurts me to say that. I really hurt him." They split up in the summer of 1965 — a deixa é perfeita para linkar aos arquivos do St. Petersburg Times.