sexta-feira, 10 de março de 2017

Om — Pilgrimage

O terceiro álbum dos Om abre assim...

O som é grandioso, épico.

E as letras não destoam:

Trumpeter sounds a periphic dream the cries now shorn as prelate falls and send away.
Overture mits' forth clarion sky to sun she climbs and sheds her wings into the sea.
Memories rise to obscurate orb — the astral causate forms dissolve and send away.
Severance from illusory field the pilgrim wills to correspond with freedom.

Hold the oscillate light driven on to sender.
Soul arraigns the perceived and the seen to reap.
From the little drawn breath climbs away to the freedom sea.
Consecrates the sushumnic vertebrae.

#1, Pilgrimage